Trane Products for Your Home

To know about the professionalism of our Crystal Lake-based HVAC techs, is to know that they meet the rigorous standards to be on our team. Trane, Inc. is particular about who they work with and maintaining their outstanding reputation – and ours depends upon quality products and quality installation.

Trane is more than a century old, and the company can trace its history back to 1885 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The company started out as a plumbing company, but quickly started to build heating systems. Trane was always ahead of every other company in terms of invention and anticipating the needs of a growing world.

One of Trane’s major breakthroughs occurred in 1931, when much to everyone’s amazement; the company introduced an air conditioning system that had the ability to cool an entire movie theater! They really took off from there to the point that the company now boasts more than 29,000 employees at 104 manufacturing locations in 28 countries. They have annual sales of more than $8 billion.

What does this mean to Crystal Lake, Illinois? It means that no HVAC company in the world has as much experience with heating and cooling as Trane. It also means that no HVAC company stands behind its products more proudly than Trane.

It should also come as no surprise then that in the world of HVAC techs, our highly trained technicians understand how Trane equipment manufactures its central air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, heat pumps, ductless heating and cooling (“Split”) systems,  and self-diagnostic furnace controls.

To find out more about Trane products, please contact Northern Continental Heating & Cooling to understand the quality Trane brings wherever it is installed in any Crystal Lake residence or business.

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