Solutions for Small Spaces with Superior Performance

Ductless systems are electric systems that are designed to be energy efficient and perfect for any space that needs to be heated in the winter or cool in the summer. They can be ideal for rooms that are too small for ductwork or additions to your home or office that do not require it. Our units can be wall or floor mounted or freestanding, providing you with multiple options for keeping your space comfortable throughout the season.

The ductless units we install from Mitsubishi are 40% more energy efficient than many conventional HVAC systems and also have advanced features to keep the air clean and your home healthy. The benefits of a Mitsubishi ductless system installation include the ability to control the units in your home or office with just the touch of your phone or other smart device. They can also detect the temperature in your home and automatically adjust according to your thermostat settings with whisper quiet heating and cooling and a heating element that is instantly hot.

Excellence in Mitsubishi Ductless Installation

Our NATE certified technicians are well versed in every type of HVAC system. When ductless heating and cooling units arrived as an excellent solution for small spaces, or homes that need zoned temperature controls, our professionals began installing them immediately. Mitsubishi Ductless is our specialty and we have installed many of these units. Our technicians know exactly what we need to do to create the ideal comfort environment for your home or office. We are focused on ensuring that you receive excellence in service and always exactly what you need – never more and never less.

If you are wondering if a ductless heating and cooling system is right for your home or office, then give us a call at 815-459-9412. We will conduct a thorough inspection to help you identify the right ductless units to ensure excellence in comfort all year long.


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