We Recommend Lennox

Northern Continental Heating & Cooling installs and services water heating systems throughout Crystal Lake and vicinity. In keeping with our policy of selling customers only the very best products for residential and commercial water heating, there is no finer brand than Lennox.

In business since 1895, Lennox began with the introduction of the world’s first riveted-steel furnace. Lennox has focused on delivering on the values of trust, innovation and quality. These values can be seen in every product we manufacture today, and in the Lennox Dealers who stand behind those products. These values can be seen in every product Lennox manufactures today, and in the Lennox Dealers who stand behind those products.

Lennox “Means” Energy Efficiency

Lennox products are made for Crystal Lake, Illinois not only in terms of their durability but their energy efficiency. In fact all of Lennox products anticipated rising energy costs it seems, before any other water heating manufacturers. As energy costs rise, and especially during our very bitter cold Crystal Lake winters, having a steady supply of hot water that is efficiently heated is important for any home or business.

Northern Continental Heating & Cooling is constantly called upon to service water heaters and heating systems. We can’t tell you how many bargain water heaters we’ve been asked to replace, not only because they were breaking down, but how much they cost to operate.

A Lennox hot water heater and other Lennox products are initially more expensive than their competition, but over time they will save your household or business money in terms of energy expenses and because they are much more durable.

There is never a substitute for quality. Lennox products prove themselves over and over – and that is why Northern Continental Heating & Cooling recommends and installs them throughout the area.

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