Air Filtration: Once a Luxury, Now a Necessity

According to Aprilaire, “indoor air is four to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Approximately 87% of American homeowners are unaware of indoor air pollution.” At Northern Continental Heating & Cooling, we can believe it. We are constantly being called to residences and offices where there are complaints of poor air quality, increased allergy attacks, too much humidity or too little. The conversations always seem to start off with a sentence like: “Maybe it’s me, but…”

No, it’s not you! As construction produces “tighter” and better insulated homes and businesses, it also results in air being trapped, especially during our long months of winter. While this may be a minor problem to some, for those with severe allergies, respiratory or cardiac conditions and even homes with infants and toddlers, indoor air pollution can also lead to health problems and may even affect the “health of the home itself.”

Northern Continental Heating & Cooling working directly with Aprilaire, can tell you about the entire range of Aprilaire products specifically made for improving air quality and health. These products include Aprilaire whole-house air cleaners that can reduce air pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, mites, fungus and bacteria. These pollutants have the ability to trigger asthma attacks.

During Crystal Lake’s long winters, where our furnaces tend to be running non-stop, homes become extremely dry. Aprilaire makes an excellent whole home humidifier that may be used alone or with the Aprilaire whole-house filtration system. Dry air means a lot more than itchy skin, it also means cracked furniture, door jams and window frames; an increase in colds and flu’s; difficulty in breathing and even a difficulty in sleeping. When humidity is added to indoor air the heat seems to hold better and everyone in the household (including the pets!) breathe a little easier.

Clean, humidified air can make all the difference between a comfortable home and a “sick home.” Northern Continental Heating & Cooling can install air quality system with a new central heating and cooling system or it can retrofit an existing HVAC system with products to filter and dehumidify the air the air.

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