More than Cooling & Heating Comfort

In Northern Illinois our winters can be brutal. The intense winter winds and extremely cold temperatures often cause our furnaces to run nonstop for at least four months out of the year. It is during these long winters, and non-stop furnace use that our homes can become very dry. A home without the proper humidity in the air can cause many issues for your home or offices occupants.

Dry air can cause health issues such as itchy skin, difficulty breathing and sleeping, and an increase in bacteria; creating an environment ripe for colds and flu. It can also be detrimental for your home or office. Dry air can also cause your furniture to crack and door jams and window frames to split. The solution to many of these problems is to introduce humidity into the air. This simple addition allows many of the above problems to be alleviated and allows the heat to hold better in your home or office. It allows everyone in your home, to breathe a bit easier.

A Difference in the Air You Breathe

Clean, humidified air can make a difference in your home during our long winter months. At Northern Continental Heating & Cooling we install whole home humidifiers from Lennox that may be used alone or with their whole-house filtration system. We also install a variety of air quality systems with a new central heating and cooling system or provide the option to retrofit an existing HVAC system with products to filter and dehumidify the air.

When the air you breathe in your home or office just doesn’t seem to be quite right, give us a call at 815-459-9412 to learn about the multiple options to help you improve the comfort in your home all year long.

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