Professional Furnace Installation

Unfortunately, not all furnaces can be repaired. Like any other appliance, they eventually wear out. When it’s clear that you’re in need of a furnace replacement, Northern Continental’s expertly trained furnace technicians are here to help. We’ll assist you in determining what size furnace is best for your home and provide you with an estimate for your new furnace cost. We will walk you through the multiple options that are available in your new unit and help you to decide the best unit for your home. Today there are a variety of units that are available to help reduce the energy usage in your home and improve your heating bills in the extremely cold winters we experience in Northern Illinois.

Our professional furnace installers will ask you a series of questions such as:

  • Do you have some rooms that are colder or warmer than others?
  • Would you like to have a smart system that can be controlled with a phone or similar smart device?
  • Do you have health concerns that can be helped by improving the air quality in your home?
  • Do you have rooms without ductwork that need to be heated or cooled?

Rated the Best in Crystal Lake, IL

Our NATE-certified technicians deliver excellence in service and quality of work on every call they make. We are proud to be one of the best in heating and cooling installation companies in Crystal Lake, IL. We continue to value our customers by being honest and ethical and our customers have given us this distinction of being the best.

Our company takes great pride in the fact that we work with our customers to arrive at the best furnace solution for Crystal Lake’s extreme winter weather. We offer Chicago-area furnace pricing that is extremely competitive on a quality-basis. Our furnace installation technicians work professionally, courteously and respect your property as if it was their own home or business. Northern Continental Heating & Cooling customers give us their highest ratings; there is nothing nicer we like to hear than, “Good work!”


Furnace Installation Before


Furnace Installation After

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